8 Powerful Client Meetings to Accelerate Your Billings

Expert AdviceIn current market conditions, clients are being called by more consultants than ever before. This in turn has an impact on the challenge of both engaging them on the phone and becoming memorable so that they call us when they are recruiting. To really be in a position to gain maximum commitment from a client and stand out from the competition we need to get in front of them. Clearly, as you already know, we want to go out and meet clients whom we are likely to make money from in the next quarter.

The first step in getting that business is to close the client on using us. Closing is easier face to face for two main reasons:

The client is more likely to trust us as they have the opportunity to read out body language and feel the congruence in our personal presentation skills.

We have more time to demonstrate our capability to them and match accurately what they want with what we can do for them.

So whom do you want to get out and see? How do you decide who is likely to recruit over the next quarter?

Focus on the money; Visit those clients where there is the greatest chance of recruitment taking place:

  1. Live requirement; visiting clients who are currently recruiting is going to have a massive impact on the chances of you filling the job. Use the opportunity to take CVs with you to sell them into interview slots. It amazes me that there are consultants out there who are struggling to fill jobs with clients they have never met.
  2. Future Requirement; if a client is going to recruit in the next quarter get out there now. Agree an action plan as to how you will fill it for them. Get it exclusive; taking CVs could even get them to accelerate the process and will certainly demonstrate your capability.
  3. New Client Starters; Ever spoken to a manager who has recently changed responsibilities or started a new job? Get out and see them. New managers are classic agents for change. Like it or not, a new manager is measured on their impact to the business and the changes they implement – including staff. Apparently, employees don’t leave companies they leave managers. So a new manager may motivate some to jump ship.
  4. Temp/contract User; Are there currently temps or contractors on site? What happens if they leave? What happens if their current supplier can’t fill the next job? Get out there and agree a contingency plan. Build trust to get the next requirement.
  5. Hot Bosses; Currently responsible for permanent recruitment? Who are your Top 10 candidates currently in employment? Write them down and target their managers. Whether you place them or not the chances are they are going to find a new position and resign. Get out and see their managers. Ask them, “What will you do if someone resigns? How will you replace them?” Put together an action plan as to how you will help. You will then get calls “you’ll never guess what’s just happened. I’ve had a resignation! I’m so glad you came out to see me”
  6. PSL Clients; Clients who have PSLs (Preferred Supplier List) elsewhere do so due to the volume of recruitment they do. There is money there. Get out there to establish the content of the PSL. Meet the right contacts. Make sure you get in front of the M.A.N. (Money Authority and Need) recognising the fact that this could be more than one person. Plan this properly and you will break the PSL and become a supplier. Set realistic objectives and make it happen.
  7. Target Clients; in every market there are businesses that we would target as “goal” clients. Haven’t got any target clients? Get some! Decide the key criteria that would make a business a target client then produce the list (5 – 20 target clients is manageable). Set strategies as to how you are going to get in there.
  8. Post Placement Meetings; Made a placement? Get a meeting to see the client and the candidate. Ask each of them to produce you a testimonial letter. Develop the account further by getting meetings with other decision makers in that company. Book the post placement meeting well in advance so you have the opportunity to book other meetings around it (literally! – the company next door, upstairs, across the road).

Take some time at lunchtime today to review what meetings you have been on in the last six months. How much business have they given you since you went to see them? How much have you billed them since you went to see them? How many people did you meet in that company that day?

Set yourself, if you haven’t already, some target clients you want to go out and see. Talk to your manager about your client meeting strategy and set some targets in terms of meetings you want to book and attend. Discuss who you want to meet and why. Get out and see some worthwhile clients face to face and I guarantee that the money will follow.

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