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Recruitment Dad's OpinionIt has been some time (some?!?) since I last posted an article. I guess I have been busy doing other things. It the last few weeks I have seen more and more things that have inspired me to write. There is a certainty in the air. There’s a definite feel of buoyancy in recruitment, almost bullishness. All those doom mongers who were predicting the end of the recruitment agency also seem a little less vocal these days…(although they may still prove to be right for some).

Mark my words though, there is a definite need to be different today. Knowing what you do and being able to vocalize a value proposition is imperative. Specialisation, insight, value and access to the hard to find skills will help to create a message that is in line with client expectations. The challenge today isn’t one about finding opportunities (or jobs to work) – if that is your challenge then you need to find help and fast as there is something wrong. I received an email this week from a recruitment industry trainer and coach that read along the lines of:

“The most common thing I am asked by my clients is ‘How do I get more business?’

Like recruitment agencies could be struggling to find jobs to fill.

Really?? No; Honestly, really really?

If that is the most common questions asked by recruitment business owners to that trainer in today’s market place, then it’s time to find some more clients as they are unlikely to be around for very long…

One challenge today (and in reality for at least the last six months) has been how to find enough candidates to satisfy the ever increasing demand from businesses who are looking to recruit. There is an apparent shortage of good people for permanent positions. There are also less people available for temporary work with employment being at its highest for over 10 years in the UK.

Another challenge is: How do I, as a recruiter, reorientate myself from working in a market that has been less fruitful and get back to the old ways of conducting robust job qualification and triage. Working contingent means I need to be able to predict which roles are most likely to result in success. Working everything is going to be suicide and the quicker I get into the habit of high quality prioritization the better.

Once again there is a challenge that revolves around customer education. A hiring managers perception of the candidate market is likely to be out of date. The average corporate is taking 43 days to turn around a position and a typical SME 29. Access to talent is one thing, moving at the right speed to secure it is another. Good consultancy skills are required to ensure clients achieve what they really want out of the relationship – the right person hired in the right timescales. Fee is secondary, right?

Bear hibernatingAll the above has given me that feeling. The feeling that there is a massive opportunity to be exploited out there. The large corporate recruitment agencies are still in hibernation, like bears. They may have started to feel the warm spring air but they are still drowsy. Give them another three months and they will start to mobilize. They will still be sluggish and stiff with atrophy. The SME’s are more nimble but many still dizzy with the changes – reeling at the increase in job flow and showering in the perceived fresh rain. Little effort has been put into the relationships with candidates and their CRM systems are out of date, poorly coded and need a serious cleanse. Now is the time to capitalise on all of this (if it isn’t already too late). Much of my time has been spent helping businesses focus on the right things – first things first. There is much to be done and some of you will start in the wrong place..

The new opportunity on new city

Now I wish I was a recruitment business owner more than ever. This is a harvest moon we are in. Everyone in recruitment who can already show a good pipeline of jobs will grow. It would be hard not to. Tracking the market is what momentum based businesses do. Those who outperform the market are the truly special ones. Recruiters who know how to create genuine value added recruitment propositions and find talent will grow exponentially in 2014 and beyond. I hope you are among them.


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  1. Words of Wisdom as always from Recruitment Dad. I wish my Dad knew about recruitment when I was a boy!

    Comepletely agree with every sentiment, there is an opportunity. 2014 is predicted to be the biggest year of growth in the last 20 years, great news for recruiters.

    If you know how to add value build and nurture those relationships, then you will be one step ahead.

    Cleanse your database, segment, each customer is different, but get close to them and deliver. There are opportunities out there!
    Good luck!

    Dave Hume 9 April 2014 at 10:54 am Permalink

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