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As relevant for newbies in their first few weeks as it is to seasoned professionals with years of experience behind them. All will benefit from the easy reading style and honest approach, helping you achieve greater success, with advice and techniques that genuinely work that have been tried and tested by the author and countless people Recruitment Dad has trained over the years.

Just who is The Recruitment Dad? Rumours say he was not born of this earth but hatched out of an egg in an executive search firm. Some say he holds special, near Jedi like, mystical powers giving him great levels of control and discipline…The truth however is this:

Recruitment Dad is an experienced recruitment professional with in excess of 15 years service in the industry. Having been very successful as a recruiter, managing consultant, billing manager and senior regional manager for some of the most successful recruitment companies in the world; He has experienced first hand exactly what it is like, and more importantly, what it takes to be successful – consistently. Most recently, he has specialised purely in training, learning and development and has been involved in the development of all levels of staff from resourcer through to director level with innovative training interventions, coaching and complete cultural change programmes across whole businesses. It will also comfort you to know that this has been to a variety of different market sectors and all to high acclaim. All this means that you can have the peace of mind to know that Recruitment Dad’s advice is sound, reliable and most of all it works.

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