Bloggers’ Buzz Word Bingo – Recruiters’ Edition

Technology and Social Media Advice from Recruitment DadIf you are anything like me then you probably like to read the odd blog or two. Yesterday I realised I had taken my eye off the ball somewhat when Google Reader smugly announced I had 564 unread posts to read when I logged in! I must confess to deleting quite a few in batches. Sorry to any hardworking bloggers who I over looked! However, I started to come up with a new idea. Given the proliferation of experts (including social media which seems to have been debated to death then dribbled away) blogging about how their flavour of expertise will be the redefinition of recruitment and looking at Tweetdeck with some of the stuff being tweeted I decided to create Bloggers’ Buzz Word Bingo – Recruiters’ Edition.

Print off your Recruitment Dad Buzz Word Bingo Game CardI have created the game cards below, so that you can print a couple off and everyone in the office can join in!  (Click on the image to open it in a new window and then print off). Log into Twitter and as the Tweet stream you follow flows check off the relevant Buzz Words! The first player to strike off all of their Buzz Words is the winner! For extra fun play for four corners or a line (horizontal). Play can be made more advanced (long winded) by using blog postings fed into your reader (or RSS email subscription) from the date you begin playing. According to your feeds it could take a couple of days for you to complete your game card. Winner can then lay claim to being the most lockedin with the linkedin, tweet-street cred and be the office’s most RSS-pected SM guru.

Recruitment Dad's Buzz Word Bingo - Game Card 1

Recruitment Dad's Buzz Word Bingo - Game Card 2

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