Great Google Tools for Recruiters

Google gets so much right. Most know Google for its superb search engine. Google also has a number of free applications and tools that are also very useful. Here I want to share some of my favourites.

There are some obvious Google products that I could (should?) talk about here. Due to the obviousness of them I will pass highlighting to you how cool Chrome (it is cool) or Reader (less cool though solid) or Google Alerts (mega cool if your Boolean is up to some robust search strings to dig deep) are for recruiters.

I want to highlight and take a closer look at:

Google Trends

A really good comparison tool which allows you to compare searches conducted for particular phrases or alternatively to look at traffic flow to particular websites. Phrases can be compared to each other and website traffic flows can also be compared. You also have the functionality to specify geographical search data and also frame the time period you search covers from 2004 to date!

In this screen shot you will see I have decided to compare searches conducted for “Lady Gaga” in comparison to “Justin Bieber”

I have changed the timeframe to “last 30 days” and it is clear to see that Gaga beats Bieber hands down on searches completed. You will also note that Google Trends adds labels to the graph to indicate news stories which have coincided with points on the graph. Really interesting, though what’s the use to me as a recruiter?

Good question. How about we replace the phrases with “engineering jobs” and “engineer jobs”. You will see that the number of searches for one phrase far outstrips the other. I see in practice the benefits of using this for selecting the right keywords for job adverts, CVs posted on job boards, keywords for SEO work on blogs and websites.

Then when we compare websites (simply click “websites” in blue as seen on the image above) to then search for website traffic comparisons. Here I am comparing web traffic to Linkedin, Xing and Naymz:

Unsuprisingly Linkedin is top and Naymz is a flatline. Also note the recurring trend for Linkedin over 30 days as traffic trends in the same pattern across a seven day period…useful.

Again, there are so many applications for this. Comparing job boards for you or to share with clients. Comparing your own website (if traffic volumes are high enough) to competitors. Looking at patterns over days of the week for a particular site. The only restriction is your imagination

Google Labs

The site to visit to check out and trial some of the latest stuff from Google. Lots of beta technologies waiting for you or I to give it a go! This is where I first discovered Google Alerts for myself and Google Trends which has also now graduated. Keep checking in each month or so at Google Labs to see what they have that’s new. You never know what you may find!

Google News Timeline

This is totally brilliant. Do you have a blog? Do you cover a specific technology or skill set in your market? Are you tracking news items or particular pieces of legislation? Then give News Timeline a blast.

News Timeline sets you up with columns (similar in feel to Tweetdeck) with each column representing a day of news. On screen, according to your screen size, you will have a week’s worth of info with the opportunity to scroll left or right.

The really good part is that you can select where the news comes from and on what topics. Select which newspapers, magazines, blogs or events you wish to have the info fed to you from. Set the search criteria and away you go!

You can also select to show info from twitter feeds, blogs (searchable to add blogs of your choice) and more! Really good for keeping on top of keys changes and not just from the traditional news portals.

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