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January 01 0 Comments Category: News is a blog designed for those who work in the recruitment industry, or individuals who are seeking to break into it. You may currently be the owner of a recruitment business, a busy manager with staff to develop or a consultant running a desk. Whatever you situation, Recruitment Dad’s hints, tips and advice on recruitment will prove invaluable. Combine this with honest and frank opinion and a wicked sense of humour and this will be a blog you will certainly be bookmarking or subscribing to.

At the end of 2009 Peter Gold and his Social Recruiting Blog, retained the Best UK Recruitment Blog title for a third year running, as voted for by readers of Louise Triance’s UK Recruiter Blog. In his acceptance speech Peter (quite rightly) bemoaned the lack of quality bloggers in the UK focussing on the recruitment industry. As an avid subscriber to Peter’s blog (and also that of Andy Headworth, of Sirona Says – another great UK blog) this has been a call to action for me to throw my hat in the ring and give my opinion as to how I see the UK’s recruitment industry. Peter – you are entirely right; The UK has a lot they can teach the US, some of which is recruitment related!! (Even about sourcing I believe).

Over the coming months I intend to offer my advice and opinion on how to achieve consistent success as a recruiter, provide tips as to how I achieved the success I have done in my career as a productive biller and take a wry look at some of the goings on within the industry. I also look forward to having the opportunity to compete for the coveted title of Best UK Recruitment Blog and give Peter and Andy a run for their money as the NKOTB (I seriously never thought at the beginning of this I would mention New Kids on the Block but I have just done it again, D’Oh!).

As we all know, taking a look at life and work through another lens and seeing it from another perspective can create whole new ways of solving today’s problems. I am sure that along the way I will be able to help you achieve even a little more success and a few more placements and certainly provide you with a fresh way of doing things.

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