How to fill more jobs and make more money!

Expert AdviceThis job can be tough at times. When you find your self in a position where a client is willing to give you the opportunity to work on a requirement you’re on the road to making some money. There has yet to be a single consultant I have met who does not want to fill the requirements they generate. Everyone wants to succeed, yet at times they make the job more difficult for them self.

Interviews = placements. Therefore more interviews = more placements!

So get one more interview per requirement and you may be more likely to fill it. Most definitely if they are interviewing through other sources too!

First some evidence as to the benefits of “one more interview”

Imagine a consultant with 6 live requirements and the following number of interviews taking place (with the remainder being arranged by the competition):

1/3  +  2/4  +  3/5  +  2/3  +  1/3  +  1/3

Probability of filling ALL of these requirements?  0.75% (yes, nought point seven five!)

With one more interview per job at the expense of the competition?

2/3  +  3/4  +  4/5  +  3/3  +  2/3  +  2/3

Probability of filling ALL of these requirements now?  18% (yes, a 24 fold increase with one more interview).

How do I get more interviews then?

Simple, Sell you candidates you have short listed on behalf of the client to them on the phone BEFORE you send the CVs.

Sending CVs by email to follow up later makes life so much more difficult. Trying to sell them candidates they may have potentially already rejected in their own mind can be an uphill struggle. I guarantee that your competition know this, as you perhaps do. It is the act of doing it that will set you apart from them.

I spoke to someone recently who works in a corporate recruitment environment and he has an excellent CV to interview ratio. His primary reason for success? SELLING his candidates in to the line manager BEFORE sending CVs. In his words “treating it like new business“. This is the sort of service clients are paying for, they want a consultant who is going to demonstrate that their candidates can do the job and match them to the requirement and reduce the hassle of having to comb through CVs and having to decide, based upon bits of paper, who they want to meet.

Naturally, as I know you can see already, this keeps the control with the consultant which is always imperative in filling more requirements. If you want to make more money this year, get more interviews.

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