Recruitment Dad reveals his identity

June 23 0 Comments Category: News

News from Recruitment DadIt has been a long time since I last blogged. There, I feel better already. Who’d have thought that an open admission of not blogging could be as cathartic as blogging itself!
Looking at the subscriber levels and the number of visitors that the blog still receives I feel the need to explain where I have been and why it has been quiet on the Recruitment Dad front.

Recruitment Dad reveals his identityFor the past 12 months I have been running and building my own business. A little over 12 months ago I resigned from my job as ‘recruitment and sales trainer’ in a large PLC recruitment business and started my own training company. The last 12 months have been a journey (and some) that has made the commitment required to blog frequently a challenge to say the least. I miss blogging, I miss the feedback loop involved in the whole experience. I still receive questions and regular contact from readers despite the recent quiet spell of new posts.

I originally decided to blog anonymously to give me more freedom as an employee of a large corporate, to share my experience with recruiters. Now I own my own company I can share more openly the same style of content as me.

For this reason I have made the decision to continue to blog as me on my own website with the same mission: To share ideas and thoughts.

Today’s post brings a transition from being Recruitment Dad to being me.. I am still me though now you will know who I am.

Click here to find the new blog source for the blogger formerly known as Recruitment Dad.

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