Social Media in Action – A demonstration of it’s successful implementation

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Yesterday I had a muse over Social Media and the apparent surplus of those who profess to be experts. This morning a new blog posting has appeared in my Google Reader that I wanted to share with you from someone I think is, on a daily basis, using Social Media to great effect.

A blog that I have read for the past year, at least, has been one hosted at EMC Consulting’s website, Flynny’s blog. I have read this blog for over a year as I have an interest in Silverlight development and I have been interested to see how the blog is used to recruit as well as engage and inform. Flynny’s posting today gives a brief overview as to how Michelle Flynn (Flynny) has used social media to save EMC consulting £2.7M in agency fees. Not bad at all and definitely testament to the power of Social Media (and someone who I think could claim a level of expertise in it’s use too!)

CLICK HERE to read the original posting that appeared on Flynny’s blog.

Recruiters, remember my passing comment yesterday?

“IF you’re not embracing it and are denying it’s existence, it could prove to be your undoing. Only time will tell.”

It seems pretty clear to me that if recruitment consultants, resourcers and recruiters are spending their time on traditional recruitment methods alone they could find they start to miss out on placements. Why? because others out there are broadcasting and engaging with a target audience about more than just jobs. Even more worrying exciting is what the posting in Flynny’s blog says-

Flynn insists that using these sites to recruit staff is something any company can do.”

So when there are more businesses out there directly engaging then recruiting what future does that pose for the traditional (that makes it sound old fashioned as well doesn’t it?) recruitment agencies and spot business recruiters?

Recruitment consultants have a responsibility to themselves to make 2010 the year they fully immerse in this to complement their current attraction methods. I also think that organisations have a commitment to their shareholders employees to invest in that too. Are you responsible for a training budget in your business? Spend some on Social Media training and development.

My final thought is also a rhetorical question: Will the recruitment businesses who block the use of facebook, twitter and (yes even this one) Linkedin lift the firewall and recognise them as being legitimate nigh on essential recruitment channels? I doubt it in many cases….

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