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Recommended DVD from Recruitment DadSome of you may remember that I attended the Recruitment Juice Live event earlier this year. As promised on the day, the team at Juice have taken all of the material and packaged it as a DVD package.

I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of the Recruitment Juice LIVE! DVD and wanted to share with you all my thoughts on it. I am sure that over the years every recruiter out there has been exposed to some form of DVD (or VHS?!?) based training in their career. There have been some very famous sets of video as that I am sure are now part of the folklore of many a veteran recruiter. I have watched many of these in my career too. Some benefited me greatly, whilst others frustrated and annoyed me. What I have been so impressed about the Recruitment Juice products has been how fresh they feel. There are genuine learning opportunities throughout their DVD box sets and it is delivered in a way that it is very “now” and very accessible. Finally a DVD based product that is more than a person on stage or sat at their leather topped desk telling us how good they were in their day and how they did it. Take a look at the Recruitment Juice YouTube channel and you will see what I am talking about.

So how about the Live DVD then Recruitment Dad?

As I expected, the whole event is captured on disc. You get 4 hours of material spread over 3 discs. Each disc is well authored with chapters to allow you to watch certain subjects or speakers. This allows any recruiter to be able to dive into the discs and find the section that is most appropriate for them. As the whole event is captured live viewers can take part in the practical exercises and I can readily see that managers and business owners will be able to use the DVDs to support their own training sessions and sales meetings. There are very few Monday morning sales meetings where you can have Roy Ripper or Gavin Ingham present to get the troops fired up and focussed on the week’s activities! With the Live DVD that’s exactly what you can have.

What’s on the discs?

Disc 1:
• Welcome address by Dan McGuire
• Get Your Mind in the Game – Gavin Ingham
• Planning Your New Business Strategy – Roy Ripper
• Stand Out From the Crowd With Your Defining Statement – Roy Ripper

Disc 2:
• Open Your Calls With Impact – Gavin Ingham
• Marketing Superstar Candidates – Roy Ripper
• If Questions Could Kill These Surely Will! – Roy Ripper
• Closing Like a Pro – Roy Ripper

Disc 3
• Blasting Through ANY Client Objection – Gavin Ingham
• New Business Surgery – Q&A Session Hosted by Dan McGuire
• Closing Address – Matt Trott, MD of Recruitment Juice

Live sessions are interspersed with video clips from the Juicy Bits of New Business which helps maintain the whole Recruitment Juice feel. The variety of speakers gives different styles and ideas that also add to the whole fresh feel of the event. I must also admit that I am very impressed with the quality of the editing and the camera work as it manages to avoid the whole “camera to presenter” followed by “pan and scan the room” which so many live training sessions end up looking like once committed to film.

I can see that some of the sessions lend themselves very well to be used on a repeat basis for team sales meetings or as discussion points before training sessions and workshops. Imagine how useful it would be to sit down and watch once per quarter Roy Ripper talking through, in depth, how to plan your new business strategy. In effect that one session can help you build you quarterly and annual acitivity based business plan!

Recruitment Juice LiveMonday mornings starting with Gavin Ingham talking about “how to get your head in the game” or “opening your calls with impact”.

Mid week focus sessions with Roy on “marketing superstar candidates” or “If Questions could kill…”

As a resource there is a lot of opportunities to dip in and out and take each chapter as an independent mini-session, as well as watching it start to finish as though you were one of the audience!

I know that there is a lot of different training material out there that can be used. I also believe that it is what happens after using it that really matters. This business is all about results. It will be those who take action after a training session or workshop not those who can regurgitate what they have heard when questioned that will succeed. What Recruitment Juice LIVE does is it presents ideas in a way that allows you to take action quickly (as quickly as there and then in some cases!). As a seasoned trainer, I know that the quicker you take action the more likely it is to be effective. If you are looking to re-energise your sales meetings and training workshops then I would highly recommend this DVD. Inexpensive, high quality and easy to implement. What more could you ask for??

To buy your copy or to find out more about Recruitment Juice, click here.

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