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OpinionAs a fledgling blog I am delighted with the amount of interest there has been in what I have been talking about on I am also really pleased to see how many people are returning to read each new posting. I trust that all of you reading it find it both enjoyable and useful! As with any new blog the build up of traffic can be gradual so I wanted to share with you those posting’s that have had the greatest interest in case you missed one! So in true Championship Vinyl style, here is my Top 5.

The Prelude to Negotiation – 5 easy steps to make more money

A simple process to help reduce the amount of needless negotiations you get involved in. I promise that there will have been times you have negotiated with what I would describe as chancers “don’t ask, don’t get” merchants.

Top 5 Books Recruiters Should Own

The biggest crime of humanity? People who buy books and don’t get past chapter 1 (OK there are a lot of other crimes that rank higher than this). I am sure that there is many an author who has made their fortune writing books that the majority of buyers don’t finish. Owning these books won’t help. Reading them though definitely will.

How to Write Emails That Sell – in 5 easy steps

Emails that sell is an oxymoron. However, there are times when an email may be required to elicit a response. If you are searching for the formula to get a better return from your unsolicited emails then give this a try.

The Real Reason HR Hate Recruiters – Finally

This created quite a stir from some sections of the blogosphere – particularly HR professionals! Also quite a number of internal corporate recruiters shared some interesting insight as to how they feel about cold calls from recruiters.

5 Serious Recruiter Screw Ups On Linkedin

The world seems to be full of social media experts. Recruitment Dad does not claim (nor wish really) to be one. What Recruitment Dad does know is recruitment and how to use Linkedin effectively for that purpose. Having worked directly with over 1000 recruiters during the last couple of years he knows what the common mistakes are. Do you??

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